Thursday, June 6, 2013

He Saw Jesus

It was a fairly typical weekday lunch time. The kids and I sat at the kitchen table eating and talking. The bird feeder just beyond the kitchen window was busy with a variety of birds and we were enjoying watching them and talking about the different kinds of birds we saw. Suddenly, in the middle of a sentence  Michael interrupted himself. "I saw Jesus!" he exclaimed, his eyes shining. Of course we all looked in the direction he was looking, but saw nothing unusual.  "Where?" one of the other kids asked, puzzled. "Oh He went up to Heaven" he replied casually as if seeing Jesus in our yard on His way to Heaven was an every day occurrence. He then went on with the previous conversation as if he had never changed the subject. The rest of us had a little trouble switching back so quickly, but within a few minutes the announcement seemed forgotten.

But I didn't forget quite so easily. In fact it was on my mind all day and I wondered what the meaning of this was or if there was any meaning to it. Was it just an overactive imagination? Did He really see something? Why didn't I get to see it? When I looked out the window I didn't see anything out the ordinary. And, while I don't have any solid answers to any of these questions it did lead me on some interesting paths of thought.

Michael has been very curious recently about where exactly Jesus is. "Where is Jesus?" is a question he has asked often. "Is He in Heaven?" I answer that yes, He is in Heaven, but He's also all around us and when we love Him He lives in our hearts as well. At this point he will sometimes look down toward his chest and say "Jesus, are You in there?" or "I love Jesus" One night after he had gone to bed I heard him talking to himself and peaked at him to see him and patting his arms, his legs, his stomach and saying "Jesus is in in here, and in here, and in here." Another time, while he was eating I heard him say "Jesus is in me, I'm feeding Jesus." And while this is cute and sweet and makes me smile indulgently I  realize that there is something I am learning from it as well. 

Because he is teaching me what it's like to truly seek to know and understand Jesus and to find Him and live in His Presence. While his is a very childlike searching, it is also a very real quest for him. And I believe that quest is being honored in his young life in ways that he sees and understands even if I don't. In Mark 10:14-15 Jesus  said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Jesus loved, and still loves the heart that searches for him with childlike faith, whether in a child or an adult. This is how I want to seek Him today and every day.

And I have to say I find it very comforting to think of Jesus walking through my yard on His way to Heaven. 

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