Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Walnut Acre Christmas 2012

1. My pile of presents. 2. Michael looking at his stacks of presents. 3. Amanda passing out presents (since she had organized them so many times.) 4. Doug holding his stack of presents.

1. Austin hardly able to contain his excitement. 2. The opening begins! 3 and 4. It looks like Austin and Amanda liked their computer monitors!

1.Michael checking out another gift. 2 and 3. Amanda loved the big blanket Austin gave her. 4. Doug holding up his new coffee mug from Amanda. 

1.Austin likes his mini MP3 player. 2, 3, and 4. More gift opening.

1. I have no idea why Michael has this look on his face in this picture. 2. Here he is looking at his favorite present - a leapster - there was a moment of total amazed silence when he saw what he had. 3. He also really liked this truck and playdough set from Amanda. 4. Pepper is looking over to Doug's shoulder to see if he has anything good to eat to share with her.

1. Austin holding up the Double Barrel Dart Blaster (foam and suction cups) Amanda gave him. 2. Michael holding another addition to his tool set. 3. Checking out the "Instant Railroad" sponge capsules Austin gave him. 4. Amanda excited about her new MP3 player.

1. Looking things over. 2. Doug setting up Michael's leapster. 3. Austin setting up his MP3 player. 4. Amanda setting up her MP3 player.

1. Amanda still setting up her MP3 player. 2. Austin setting up his monitor. 3 and 4. Almost finished setting up the Leapster. 

Amanda bought all the animals their own Christmas gifts. Here is Pepper opening hers.

In the evening we went to my parents for a Christmas dinner and gift exchange. I was disappointed that none of my pictures from the evening turned out well at all. My phone camera is fussy about lighting and just didn't cooperate with me. But it was a wonderful evening! 

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  1. Your Christmas looks like a great time. Similar to ours. Small, each person gave gifts. All were special.