Monday, January 26, 2015

Stalker Fish, Traveling Chickens and Happy Rabbits

My Betas make me laugh every morning when I find them staring at me waiting for their food. I call them my stalker fish because they seem to watch my every move until they get fed.

I'm trying to decide what to do with the chicken run. We've been letting the chickens free range but they are starting to expand their territory. Two of them have discovered the dogs across the road will share his food with them. So I need to keep them in more. And if I do that I who like to expand the size of the run.   I'll still let them free range a few hours a day but not all day like they have been. I've noticed in the past that they don't go as far if their free time is limited. I caught one coming back home this morning. 

Our rabbits are doing well. The litter of six born in September are almost as big as their mother now. They all seem to get along great live happily in their little home. Austin brought one in this morning for us to see.

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