Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Priorities and Making the Most of Five Minutes

Since I've just begun my new posting schedule I really don't have a good post full of projects accomplished ready to share today. So I thought I'd share a few tips I use to help keep things running smoothly.

The first one is something I began using years ago when things were even crazier than they are now. The main reason it was chaotic was the number of small kids I had to care for. In order to keep my head above water I HAD to prioritize. So this is the mental priority list I would repeat in my head all day long

1. God
2. Kids
3. Food for the Kids
4. Clean Clothes for the Kids
5. Everything Else

It was simple but for me, in that season it worked. It gave me a mental guideline I desperately needed.

My other go to tip was to always make the most of five minutes. If there was 5 minutes of time between activities I would make a game of seeing what I could get done - sweep a floor, wash a window, make a phone call - anything to chip away at the never ending to do list. And it's amazing how fast those little five minutes add up. During the years when Michael did not seem to ever sleep at night sometimes the most important thing I could
do was simply close my eyes for five minutes (while keeping my ears open). But even that was so helpful and five minutes well invested.

Also, today I have a few helpful links to share from my reading around the web. 

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