Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days to Finding Your Creative Voice - Day 3: We ALL Have a Creative Voice

Today I want to make sure we have one thing crystal clear.

We ALL have a creative voice!!!! Every last one of us.

Just think of the awesome vastness of the universe and the amazing intricacy of the smallest microscopic organism.

Take a moment to think of the general geographic area you live in now. Think of the variety of wildlife - birds, animals, trees, flowers. Think of the beautiful sites nearby filled with the wonder of creation.

If really fully considered it is nearly mind boggling.

Now, think of how a small this region is compared with the many in the country, the continent, the world. All around the earth are places filled with just as much variety, and yet, the variety there is totally different.

And beyond this there are planets, stars, an infinite number of created wonders in space.

And yet, the Creator, who created all of this, chose to make US in His image.

And when His Creation that He loved chose to walk a path of destruction, He came and died for US - YOU - ME - because His love for this special Creation of His.

These facts are why I believe each of us has creative voice. One of the reasons we are so special to and so loved by our Creator is because we ARE made in His image. He has given each of us a similarities to Himself, He the ultimate Creator.

Because we are made in His image each of us has that spark of creativity within us. And when we are not fanning that spark into flame we feel cold and lifeless. And the Creator who loves us, did not create us for this.

I believe He created each of us to show a facet of Himself to bring to glory to Him, and as a way of helping those around us understand a bit more about Him. As we do this we are fulfilling what we were created to do, becoming who we were created to be, and this brings a sense of joy and fulfillment that cannot be reached any other way.

Tomorrow, I will be looking a little at finding that spark of creativity smoldering within each of us.  I hope you will come back to read more.

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