Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woodland Animals Unit Study

For the last couple weeks the kids and I have been working on a unit study about woodland animals. This has been another fun unit for us. It's fun to see the kids have such a good time learning together!

Here are the resources we used for this study. 



Crafts/Coloring Pages/Worksheets

Beginning Sounds Worksheet (Woodland Pack Part 1)

Woodland Forest Animal Maze (Woodland Pack Part 2)

Which One is Different (Woodland Pack Part 1)

I think this craft was my favorite - I just love these cute little hedgehogs!

I really liked this craft too. Each squirrel seems to have it's own personality.

Beginning Sounds Worksheets (Woodland Pack Part 2)

Fill In the Missing Patterns (Woodland Pack Part 3)
This one was a little hard for the kids to solve on their own so I completed one ahead of time for them to use as a guide.

9 Piece Puzzle (Woodland Tot Pack)


Woodland Animals Memory Game (Woodland Pack Part 1)

Memory games are always popular and so simple to make. I just printed two sheets each of the animal cards, colored the backs so they couldn't see the outline of the pictures through the back, laminated them and then cut them out. So much fun!

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  1. It looks like they have a lot of fun with your themes.