Monday, March 11, 2013

Walnut Acre Photo Collages

I have loved writing the Walnut Acre Daily posts but I'm finding that they are taking SO much time that I need to be using for other things. However, I still want to share our daily fun so I thought I would try to post some daily photos and then write some other posts in between as I have the time.

These photos are from Friday - the third snow day this week. 

Friday evening was a fun night for the Boy Scouts. A facility was rented and admission was $2 per child and finger food. The whole family was invited to come join the fun. 

These photos are from our morning learning time today.

We've gone from snow last week to Spring time temperatures over the weekend and today. The forecast says wet, cooler weather for the rest of the week so we spent a LOT of time outside today.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into some of our recent fun.

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  1. I think your new blogging idea will work for you much better. You are truly too busy for the detailed posts. :) Not that I didn't enjoy them.